Sunder Energy Review: Solar Dealer Pros, Cons, Overview

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Door-to-door solar sales company. Freedom Forever fulfills installs, agreements, and warranties.

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Aug 2019
Sandy, UT
PPA, purchase, lease, battery storage
*directly from Sunder Energy
  • CEO and Founder: Max Britton
  • President and Co-Founder: Eric Nielsen
  • Residential solar sales company
  • Installs, agreements, warranties fulfilled by Freedom Forever
  • 13,800 installs as of August 2021
  • Estimated annual revenue: $97.4M
  • 353 Employees/Contractors
  • Actively selling in at least 15 states

Pros and Cons

Mixed reputation with negative employee and customer reviewsNegative customer and employee reviews
Customer service centricB+ rating with BBB
Veteran ownedService areas require clarification
Transparent communicationReputation varies
After sales supportNot a vertically integrated solar company

Sunder Energy Overview

Sunder Energy is a veteran owned solar energy company based in Sandy, Utah. They specialize in residential solar sales helping homeowners achieve their dream of solar energy from start to finish. The company offers comprehensive solar solutions, including designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for residential customers.

Company Mission

The mission of Sunder Energy is to provide exceptional service and high-quality solar solutions for homeowners while promoting clean and sustainable energy. They accomplish this by employing a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about renewable energy and committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and creating value, Sunder Energy combines services such as site analysis, system design, financing options, and post-installation support to ensure clients receive a complete solar solution tailored to their specific energy needs.

Sunder Energy collaborates with other reputable solar energy companies, such as Freedom Forever, to offer exceptional services. This partnership enables them to provide their customers with reliable and efficient solar products, further contributing to their reputation as a trusted solar energy provider.

For those considering a switch to solar energy, Sunder Energy serves as a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in the solar industry makes them a reliable choice for anyone looking to invest in a residential solar system.

Solar Solutions

Sunder Energy helps their customers find relief from high energy costs by selling high-quality solar systems installed by Freedom Forever.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

In addition to offering solar panels, Sunder Energy is also dedicated to providing energy efficiency solutions that complement their solar systems. This includes assessing a home’s energy consumption and identifying areas for improvement. Through energy efficiency measures and solar panels, homeowners can optimize their houses’ energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint.

Partnership with Freedom Forever

Partnering with Freedom Forever is crucial to Sunder Energy’s approach to delivering high-quality solar solutions. Freedom Forever is an established solar company that ensures that the solar systems sold by Sunder Energy are reliable and long-lasting. This partnership allows Sunder Energy to guarantee the performance of its solar solutions and offer homeowners peace of mind when transitioning to solar energy.

Overall, Sunder Energy’s solar solutions are designed to help homeowners realize the dream of clean, renewable energy while supporting the goal of energy efficiency and reducing dependence on traditional energy sources.

Services Offered

At the core of its offerings, Sunder Energy focuses on the sales of high-quality solar systems. Their partner, Freedom Forever, builds and installs these systems, ensuring customers receive reliable and efficient solar solutions. In addition to selling and installing these solar systems, Sunder Energy offers professional solar energy consulting, guiding homeowners through every step of the process.

Sales Professionals

As part of their services, Sunder Energy has trained and developed a team of dedicated solar consultants who are well-versed in providing comprehensive assessments of each homeowner’s unique needs. They work closely with clients to design a customized solar solution that maximizes energy production and cost savings. This tailored approach ensures homeowners receive the most effective and efficient solar solution for their specific situation.

After Sales Support

Sunder Energy also offers an after-sales support system, which includes offering warranties on their solar systems. This gives homeowners peace of mind and assurance that their solar installation is backed by proper support. Sunder Energy’s solar energy consultants continue assisting clients, addressing any questions or concerns, even after the installation date.

Company Reputation

BBB Rating and Complaints

Sunder Energy has a mixed reputation based on various review platforms. Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is B+, and the company has been accredited since July 27, 2020. This rating reflects their relatively good customer service history, with 28 complaints closed in the last three years and 11 complaints closed during the previous 12 months.

Employee Reviews

However, it is essential to note that Sunder Energy has also received some negative reviews from both employees and customers. A former employee’s review on BBB states that they had a very negative experience while at the company, questioning its conduct. Similarly, on Glassdoor, the company’s overall rating is moderate, with positive and negative reviews from employees covering aspects such as work-life balance, career development, culture, compensation, senior leadership, and management.

Business Outlook

No specific information is available regarding CEO approval. However, the management of Sunder Energy has room for improvement based on the employee reviews available on Indeed.

Even though the solar industry is growing, the overall outlook for Sunder Energy needs to be clarified due to the mixed reviews and ratings from employees and customers, as presented on

While Sunder Energy has a relatively positive BBB rating, its reputation varies across different review platforms. The company needs to address the concerns raised by both employees and customers to cement a strong position in the solar energy industry.

They could also consider drafting their own agreements and fulfilling their own installs, rather than partnering as a solar affiliate with Freedom Forever.

Marketing and Advertising

Sunder Energy, a solar energy company, employs various marketing and advertising strategies to reach its target audience effectively. Their marketing efforts aim to showcase the benefits of solar energy while attracting new customers and maintaining relationships with existing ones.

Door to Door Sales

Sunder Energy primarily focuses on door-to-door sales as its main marketing strategy. Sunder trains its representatives to knock on doors without prior contact, establish rapport, generate interest, schedule appointments, and subsequently present the value proposition of transitioning homeowners to solar energy. Although it may appear outdated in a digitally-driven economy, the direct, in-person approach remains effective in the solar industry today.

SMS Marketing

Another advertising method utilized by Sunder Energy is the use of text messages. By leveraging this medium, they can directly engage with potential customers, providing timely and pertinent information about their solar energy solutions. This personalized approach helps establish trust and foster relationships with consumers seeking sustainable energy options.

Automated Dialing Technology

In addition to text messaging, Sunder Energy employs automated dialing technology to reach prospects. This technology allows them to conduct efficient and targeted outreach campaigns, enabling the company to convey its solar energy offerings to a broader audience. Automated dialing tools allow for a streamlined communication process, reducing the need for manual dialing and ensuring that interested parties receive consistent and accurate information.

Overall, Sunder Energy’s marketing and advertising efforts focus on raising awareness about their solar energy solutions and generating interest in their products and services. By utilizing various communication channels, including door to door sales, text messages and automated dialing technology, they’re able to connect with potential customers and encourage them to consider solar energy a viable alternative to traditional energy sources.

Contact and Service Locations

The main office of Sunder Energy is situated at 9270 S 500 W Bldg 2, Suite F, Sandy, UT 84070. If homeowners are interested in solar energy solutions, they can contact Sunder Energy by phone at (844) 786-3373 or through their official website. Sunder Energy primarily operates in Sandy, Utah, and serves the local community and surrounding areas. They also have another Las Vegas, Nevada office offering solar services.

Although the locations of other Sunder offices are not specified, they do provide solar sales services in various regions, including Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington D.C., Delaware, Vermont, Wisconsin, and New Jersey. Freedom Forever, however, actively installs in 28 states. Whether or not Sunder Energy has the same service coverage needs to be clarified.

Clients can contact Sunder Energy conveniently during their office hours, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Sunder Energy can assist customers and provide clear information regarding their solar energy solutions.

Transparency and Communication

Sunder Energy understands the industry’s importance of transparency and communication. By maintaining open lines of communication, Sunder Energy aims to build trust and strong relationships with its customers.

As part of its commitment to transparency, Sunder Energy ensures clear communication throughout the entire solar installation process. Customers are informed of the various steps involved in the installation, as well as any potential challenges or setbacks that may arise. This level of openness allows customers to feel confident and knowledgeable about the service they receive.

Sunder Energy also fosters a neutral and transparent communication style, providing homeowners with the necessary information to make informed decisions about solar energy. This approach encourages customers to actively participate in the conversation, reducing potential misunderstandings and ensuring that both parties are on the same page.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Moreover, customer feedback and reviews are essential for Sunder Energy, as they help improve and refine their products and services. Through platforms like Glassdoor, Sunder Energy employees share their perspectives on company culture and management. This internal transparency creates a “fishbowl” environment, facilitating improvements in communication among team members and with clients.

Sunder Energy’s focus on transparency and communication reflects its commitment to providing top-notch solar energy solutions. Through open dialogue and a shared understanding, Sunder Energy strives to meet and exceed customer expectations while seeking industry best practices to maximize them.

Should You Go With Sunder Energy?

Sunder Energy is a reliable choice for homeowners interested in solar installations. Their mission-oriented culture, partnership with Freedom Forever, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a healthy option.

However, it’s important to consider the reviews of the mixed reviews of Sunder Energy and then conduct additional research on Freedom Forever, who will handle the installation and warranties. It’s crucial to ensure that both the sales company and the installer fulfill their responsibilities.

Frequently asked questions

Sunder Energy is owned by Max Britton and co-founder Eric Nielsen.

In August 2019, Max Britton and Eric Nielsen, along with a group of their friends, transformed their knowledge and experience in the solar industry into a business.

At Sunder Energy, everyone shares a common commitment to helping homeowners and the planet. They have a mission-oriented culture that aims to disrupt how America produces its energy.

Sunder Energy is a legitimate solar sales company based in Sandy, Utah. They act as a dealer for their solar installer, Freedom Forever.

While the company has positive aspects, there have been reported instances of customer dissatisfaction, such as complaints and a negative review from a former employee. As with any company, it is essential to research and read multiple reviews before deciding.

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