Mona Lee Solar Review: AI Startup Looks to Disrupt Industry

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Mona Lee Solar
July 2022
Boston, MA
Solar purchase, solar financing, battery storage
*directly from Mona Lee Solar
  • Founder and CEO: Walid Halty
  • Artificial intelligence solar startup
  • Actively installing in 5 states (California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida) 
  • Coming soon: Utah, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey
  • 14 employees (2023)
  • Certified B Corp
  • Installer network business model

Pros and Cons

AI technology helps homeowners saveLimited customer reviews
Percentage of project goes to charityNot BBB accredited
Streamlined processLimited coverage
25 year warranty on parts, labor & performanceHuman element reduced
Installer network

Mona Lee’s Solar Design

AI Technology

Mona Lee Solar utilizes the power of AI software to create an intelligent solar design for customers, focused on maximizing the potential of their roofs. The AI technology ensures solar photovoltaic systems are tailored to each customer’s unique rooftop and environmental conditions. Using advanced algorithms, Mona Lee’s AI software analyzes factors such as roof angle, shading, and available roof space to develop an efficient and effective solar design for the customer.

Custom Solar Proposal

After the AI technology generates the solar design, Mona Lee Solar provides a custom solar and purchase proposal to its clients, detailing the specifics of the solar photovoltaic system is suggested. The proposal includes essential information like estimated energy production, projected cost savings, and a breakdown of the equipment installed on the customer’s roof.

By combining AI technology with a custom solar proposal, Mona Lee Solar ensures that each customer receives a solar design and custom proposal that accurately meets their energy needs while considering roof angle and shading factors. Mona Lee Solar can provide a confident, knowledgeable, and clear solar solution for its clients using this approach.

Pricing and Affordability

Transparent Quote

Mona Lee Solar is recognized for its affordable pricing and transparency in the solar industry. The company provides customers with clear and detailed quotes upfront, allowing them to make informed decisions about their solar investments without hidden fees or surprises later on. This level of transparency fosters trust and enables Mona Lee Solar to offer competitive prices within the market.

Cost Reductions

Mona Lee Solar’s mission is to make solar energy accessible to more people by lowering costs and offering flexible solar financing options. Compared to other solar companies that charge around $3.3 per watt, Mona Lee Solar can provide solar installations at a much lower cost of as low as $1.68 per watt. These cost reductions are possible due to eliminating middlemen, as Mona Lee handles the whole process internally, allowing them to pass the savings on to the customer.

In addition to its low prices, Mona Lee Solar supports community-based financing schemes and crowdfunding, making solar energy even more affordable for homeowners. By participating in these initiatives, customers can further reduce the price of the initial investment necessary to get started with solar energy.

Mona Lee Solar’s emphasis on keeping costs low and pricing transparent is a testament to its dedication to making solar energy accessible to everyone. By offering affordable options, they help customers join the renewable energy movement and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Technology and Equipment

Solar Panels

Mona Lee Solar provides high-quality solar panels to its customers, ensuring efficient energy production for their homes. These panels harness solar photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into electricity, significantly reducing carbon footprints and lowering energy bills for homeowners.


Apart from solar panels, Mona Lee Solar also offers a range of inverter options, including both string inverters and microinverters. Inverters are essential components in a solar energy system, as they convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that households can use.

String Inverters: These are the most common inverter type in the solar industry. String inverters connect multiple solar panels in a series, aggregating the DC power from all connected panels and converting it into AC power.

Microinverters: Unlike string inverters, microinverters are installed behind each solar panel and convert the power produced by individual panels. This allows for more efficient energy production, ensuring that the performance of one solar panel does not affect the others.

Tesla Powerwall

Mona Lee Solar is also compatible with Tesla Powerwall, an advanced energy storage system that stores surplus solar energy for later use. The Powerwall allows homeowners to have a backup power supply during grid outages or use stored solar energy during peak utility rates, further increasing the benefits of their solar investment.

Combining solar panels, efficient inverters, and reliable energy storage systems like the Tesla Powerwall sets Mona Lee Solar apart in the energy industry.

Installation Process

Site Survey

The installation process for Mona Lee Solar begins with a comprehensive site survey. This step is crucial to ensure the solar energy system is tailored to the customer’s needs. During the site survey, Mona Lee evaluates roof size, age, condition, and aesthetic concerns. With a thorough understanding of the property’s unique characteristics, the solar provider can accurately design and recommend a solar energy system that maximizes efficiency and savings.


After the site survey, Mona Lee Solar takes care of acquiring all necessary permits and approvals required for the installation. Solar power systems are subject to various local, state, and federal regulations, and solar companies like Mona Lee remain up-to-date on the latest guidelines to ensure a seamless permitting process. By handling the complex paperwork on behalf of the customer, Mona Lee eases the burden. The AI-based solar company streamlines the overall experience, allowing customers to focus on the benefits of their new solar energy system.

Mona Lee Solar offers competitive pricing for its installations and is dedicated to providing quality service without compromising affordability. The company utilizes AI-powered optimization to deliver cost-effective solutions, with prices as low as $1.68 per watt compared to the industry average of $3.3 per watt. Through efficient processes and innovative technology, Mona Lee Solar effectively positions itself as a leading solar energy business in the market.

Incentives and Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credits

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a significant federal incentive available to those who invest in solar energy systems in the United States. This tax credit allows homeowners and businesses to deduct a percentage of the cost of their solar installations from their federal income taxes. Currently, the ITC offers a 30% credit for installations completed in 2023.

The ITC applies to various sustainable energy sources, including Mona Lee Solar, offering customers significant savings when installing solar modules. To take advantage of this incentive, customers should consult a tax professional to ensure they meet eligibility requirements.

Local Utility Incentives

In addition to the federal tax credits, local utility incentives can help ease the financial burden of installing a solar energy system. Depending on the location and utility company, these solar incentives can come in the form of rebates, performance-based incentives (PBI), net metering, or other financial incentives tied to energy production or the system’s installation cost.

For those considering solar installation with Mona Lee Solar, researching available local utility incentives is essential. This can help them maximize their return on investment in solar modules and further reduce their reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Mona Lee Solar is waiving the security deposit ($100 value) on new solar projects until June 27, 2023, as part of its commitment to a green future. Homeowners interested in exploring the benefits of solar energy should take advantage of incentives such as federal tax credits and local utility incentives.

Warranties and Guarantees

Mona Lee Guarantee

Mona Lee Solar offers a unique Mona Lee Guarantee, which provides customers with peace of mind as they invest in their solar energy system. This guarantee instills confidence in the quality and efficiency of the solar panels and installation work and helps build a strong customer relationship. The details of the Mona Lee Guarantee can be accessed on the company’s official website or through customer testimonials.

Manufacturer Warranty

In addition to the Mona Lee Guarantee, customers are protected by a 25-year warranty covering inverters, solar panels, panel performance, and labor. This extensive coverage ensures that homeowners’ investments in solar energy systems are protected in the long term.

The manufacturer warranty is vital to any solar energy project, ensuring the products are high quality and built to last. Mona Lee Solar is committed to providing effective, efficient, and reliable solar energy systems for residential customers by offering this comprehensive coverage.

In conclusion, Mona Lee Solar offers its customers peace of mind by providing a unique guarantee and an extensive manufacturer warranty, ensuring efficiency and proper coverage for their solar energy investments.

Monitoring and Optimization

Energy Usage Tracking

Mona Lee Solar offers an app that allows users to track their energy usage effectively. Homeowners can gain valuable insights into their energy habits by monitoring their consumption patterns. The app provides real-time data on electricity usage, solar production, and energy efficiency. This transparency empowers users to make informed decisions about their energy consumption, leading to potential cost savings and a lower environmental impact.

Optimal Solution

The Mona Lee app tracks energy usage and helps homeowners find the optimal solution for their solar energy system. The app uses advanced algorithms to analyze the user’s energy consumption patterns and suggests personalized solutions to maximize the benefits of their solar installation. This may involve identifying the best placement and orientation for the solar panels and selecting the right equipment for the homeowner’s specific needs.

By focusing on both monitoring and optimization, Mona Lee Solar ensures that its customers can harness the full potential of their solar energy systems. With a clear understanding of their electricity usage patterns and access to tailored recommendations for optimization, homeowners can confidently and efficiently utilize their solar installations to achieve their energy goals.

Mona Lee Solar Industry Impact

Solar Power Production

Mona Lee is revolutionizing the solar industry with their innovative use of AI technology to optimize solar power production. The AI-powered platform helps users find the best deal on solar energy systems and facilitates the installation process, ultimately increasing the overall solar capacity in the United States.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the U.S. has entered the Solar+ age, emphasizing solar power’s potential to transform the energy sector. This transformation is fueled by new technologies like Mona Lee’s AI-powered platform, which plays an essential role in the increased adoption of solar energy.

The solar industry can be broadly categorized into utility-scale, commercial rooftop, and off-grid systems. Mona Lee’s AI technology extends its benefits to all segments, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and encouraging the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources.

Market Growth

Mona Lee’s impact on the solar industry can also be seen in market growth. As more people consider solar energy a viable alternative to traditional energy sources, renewable energy cooperatives and power companies across the country are noticing a steady increase in demand.

The solar industry has experienced significant annual growth in recent years, with increasing gigawatts of new solar capacity added annually. This growth can be partly attributed to innovative platforms like Mona Lee, which make solar installations more accessible and affordable for many consumers.

In addition to the United States, similar market growth trends can be observed in the European Union and other regions focusing on renewable energy adoption. By continuously driving improvements in solar power production and accessibility, Mona Lee contributes significantly to the global renewable energy landscape.

Frequently asked questions

Founded in July 2022 by Walid Halty, Mona Lee brings together the expertise of its visionary founder, who has a solid background in the renewable energy sector.

Before starting Mona Lee, Walid gained valuable experience working with renowned companies like Tesla and BrightPlanet Solar.

Additionally, his involvement with Colossus, a solar lead generation company under the umbrella of Colossus (previously known as Dvinci), a leading solar lead marketplace acquired in April 2023, adds to his expertise.

As a newcomer in the solar industry, there are only so many available Mona Lee Solar reviews from customers. There is, however, a Reddit post where one customer mentions getting a solar quote from Mona Lee that was 20% lower than quotes from other solar companies.

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