Momentum Solar Review: Exploring the Pros & Cons

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High-quality solar solutions with exceptional customer service.

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South Plainfield, NJ
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*directly from Momentum Solar
  • Well-established solar company with a strong reputation
  • CEO: Arthur Souritzidis
  • 2022 Peak Revenue: $1.6 Billion
  • 3,000+ Employees
  • Serves customers in 11 states across the US
  • Battery storage available
  • Actively monitors solar installations for optimal performance
  • Offers financing options like solar loans, leases, and power purchase agreements
  • High-quality solar panels and reliable microinverters
  • Offers a comprehensive 25-year warranty for system components
  • Dedicated customer service and support team
  • Interactive mobile app for monitoring energy consumption and savings

Pros and Cons

25-year system warrantyNo power production guarantee
Strong customer serviceLimited U.S. coverage
Online bill payDoes not install EV chargers
Various solar options
Smartphone app
Sytem monitoring
Uses reputable solar panel brands

Momentum Solar Overview

Company Background

Momentum Solar is a well-known solar company, that provides solar energy services to homeowners in different states across the US. They started in 2009 and have grown a lot since then, becoming one of the best solar contractors in the country. Momentum Solar cares about their customers and is dedicated to using renewable energy. That’s why they have a great reputation in the solar industry.

Service Areas

Momentum Solar currently serves customers in 11 states across the country. As they grow, more homeowners nationwide will have access to their solar energy solutions.

Here are the states they serve:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

Note: When it comes to installing solar batteries, Momentum Solar only offers energy storage options for California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Texas.

In these states, Momentum Solar specializes in a variety of services such as installing, maintaining, and offering financing options for solar panels. They understand the unique needs of customers in different climates and places because they serve a wide area.

This knowledge helps them provide customized solar solutions that bring maximum benefits to the utility company and homeowners while minimizing harm to the environment.

Services Offered

Solar Panel Installation

Momentum Solar is a trusted solar provider that specializes in installing high-quality solar panels. They are a leader in the solar industry and offer different solar system customization options to meet customers’ renewable energy needs.

They know all about local solar incentives, which helps their clients smoothly and affordably switch to solar energy. With their team of skilled technicians and experts, Momentum Solar brings years of their solar project experience to ensure the highest installation standards.

Solar Batteries

Momentum Solar doesn’t just install solar panels, they also provide solar batteries. These batteries allow customers to store extra energy produced by their solar panels.

With solar batteries, you can have a continuous supply of energy, even during power outages or when there isn’t much sunlight. They help lower energy bills, generate electricity, and give you more independence from the regular electricity grid.

Active Monitoring

Momentum Solar keeps a close eye on their solar installations to make sure they work their best. They have a full system monitoring service that checks the performance, efficiency, and functionality of each system. If any issues come up, they quickly take care of them.

This active approach helps the solar panels work well and protects customers’ investments, making them feel more satisfied and confident about choosing renewable energy.

Momentum Solar is a dependable choice for customers seeking a solar provider that prioritizes the environment and client experiences. They deliver quality services and have expertise in solar panel installations, solar batteries, and active monitoring. Choosing Momentum Solar means choosing a company that genuinely cares.

Financing and Payment Options

Financing Options

Momentum Solar provides different financing options to make solar energy more accessible for homeowners. One option is the solar loan, which gives customers the funds to buy and install a solar energy system.

Solar loans have competitive rates and flexible terms to suit homeowners’ budgets. In some cases, there may be local or state tax incentives to lower costs and make financing even more appealing.

Solar Lease

If you’d rather not take on a loan, Momentum Solar has another option for you: the solar lease program. With a solar lease, you can enjoy all the advantages of solar energy without having to pay upfront for the panels.

Here’s how it works: Momentum Solar leases and takes care of the solar system, and you make fixed monthly payments based on your energy usage. In many cases, these payments are even lower than what you used to pay for utilities, which means you can save money in the long run.

Power Purchase Agreement

Momentum Solar gives homeowners different financing options to invest in solar energy systems. One option is the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Instead of a fixed monthly lease payment, you only pay for the solar energy you use. With a PPA, you can enjoy solar energy without owning or maintaining the panels.

Some states even offer incentives to lower costs for PPA customers. In conclusion, Momentum Solar makes it easy for homeowners to go solar with solar loans, solar leases, and power purchase agreements. These options fit different budgets and let you save on energy costs.

Product Quality and Warranty

Solar Panels and Equipment

Momentum Solar has a variety of top-quality solar panels, including efficient and durable monocrystalline panels. These panels are known for their effectiveness and long-lasting performance. When you choose Momentum Solar, you can select Tier 1 panel options, ensuring that you’re getting the best product for your investment.

Besides to solar panels, Momentum Solar offers customers reliable and high-performing Enphase microinverters. These microinverters are known for their dependability and strong performance, improving the efficiency of their solar systems.

For those interested in energy storage, Momentum Solar provides solar battery installation options that allow customers to optimize their use of clean energy. They can integrate these storage solutions with Momentum Solar’s solar panels and equipment, maximizing their use of clean and renewable power.

System Warranties

Momentum Solar believes in the quality of their products and workmanship. They offer customers a comprehensive 25-year warranty that covers solar panels, inverters, and other system components. This warranty ensures that any issues during the warranty period will be taken care of.

The company is led by Arthur Souritzidis, who has played a key role in establishing Momentum Solar’s reputation for quality products and services. They have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

When considering Momentum Solar for your solar energy needs, it’s important to note their strong warranties and reputation for excellence. They provide high-quality solar panels, inverters, and battery storage solutions, along with comprehensive warranty options. This allows customers to feel confident and secure in their solar energy system.

Customer Experience and Reviews

Installation Process and Design

Momentum Solar provides a thorough solar site assessment and panel installation process. They start by assessing the site to determine if it’s suitable for solar energy. Then, their experienced team designs a custom solar system that meets the customer’s specific needs, considering factors like efficiency and appearance.

The entire process of installation is carried out by certified technicians, guaranteeing quality work. Plus, Momentum Solar takes care of all the required permits, so customers can enjoy the benefits of their new solar energy system without any hassle.

Customer Service and Support

Momentum Solar prioritizes customer service and support, evident in their 3.9 out of 5-star rating for solar reviews on ConsumerAffairs. They provide a 25-year warranty that covers their products, labor, and inverters, ensuring customers feel secure in their solar investment.

If any problems arise, a dedicated support team is ready to assist customers with any questions, concerns, or technical issues they may have.

Online Presence and Mobile App

Momentum Solar offers an interactive solar experience that sets them apart from other solar companies. They provide a mobile app that allows customers to track their energy consumption and solar system performance. With this app, users can keep track of their energy savings and gain insights into their home’s energy efficiency, even at the appliance level.

Momentum Solar provides free quotes online, has information on federal tax credits, net metering programs, and battery storage services. They also use social media platforms to communicate with customers.

Costs and Savings

Pricing Information

Momentum Solar offers competitive pricing for their solar panel system and installation services. They provide customized quotes based on the specific needs of each customer and their home.

Factors such as the solar panel system, size, roof type, and energy consumption are considered while preparing a quote. Customers can expect to see potential savings on their electrical bill, as the solar panels generate clean energy for their home.

Incentives and Federal Tax Credits

Momentum Solar offers special benefits to customers who install a solar system. They can get money back through incentives, rebates, and federal tax credits. One such credit is called the federal solar tax credit or Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

It lets homeowners claim a credit of 30% of their solar installation cost. This federal tax credit will decrease to 0% in 2032. Some states have net metering programs.

These programs let homeowners earn credits on their electricity bill when their solar system makes more energy than they use.

These credits come in handy when the solar panels aren’t producing enough power, like at night or on cloudy days. Using solar power can greatly lower homeowners’ electricity bills. It’s also good for the environment because it reduces their carbon footprint.

With Momentum Solar installations, customers can be confident in their decision to invest. They’ll enjoy long-term savings and benefits from the solar industry.

Frequently asked questions

Momentum Solar faced a lawsuit due to their sales and marketing practices. Customers accused them of using deceptive tactics and misleading potential buyers. It’s essential to remember that this incident doesn’t reflect the entire reputation of Momentum Solar.

Momentum provides free quotes, but it’s important to note that their services and equipment are not free. In the solar industry, you may come across discussions about “free” solar panels, but it’s essential to understand that solar panels always involve costs. However, Momentum does offer financing, leasing, or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options that may allow you to start with $0 down payment.

Momentum Solar does not manufacture their own solar panels.

Instead, Momentum Solar partners with different manufacturers to get their solar panels.They use solar panels from well-known brands like Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q CELLS, LG, SolarEdge, SunPower, and Trina Solar.

The exact brand and model of solar panels can change depending on things like what’s available, the project needs, and what the customer wants.

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