LGCY Power Review: Door-to-Door Sales and Solar Installs

LGCY Power Review: Door-to-Door Sales Company and Solar Installer

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National presence, great partnerships, unclear warranties, door-to-door solar sales company.

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Lehi, UT
Solar purchase, solar lease, solar PPA, solar loan, battery storage
*directly from LGCY Power
  • CEO and Founder: Doug Robinson
  • 738 employees as of July 2023
  • Door-to-door solar sales company
  • Over 125,000 sales since inception
  • Exclusive solar partner of Utah Jazz
  • October 2021: First in-house residential install
  • Installs previously fulfilled exclusively by Sunrun
  • Ranked #10 top residential solar installer by WoodMackenzie (2021)
  • Zippia estimates LGCY Power annual revenue at $541M

Pros and Cons

Manufacturer & workmanship warrantiesLength & coverage of warranties vary
Provides various purchasing options (lease, PPA, loan, cash)Some customers have reported delays in the installation process
Available in 31 statesSome customers have reported high-pressure sales tactics
In-house installersUnsecured website reported, which may raise security concerns
Network of installersPotential variability in installation quality
Standard panels are REC Alpha Black
A+ rating with BBB

LGCY Power Overview

LGCY Power is a leading solar power company in Lehi, Utah, United States. Founded in 2014, the company has experienced significant growth and expanded its services to multiple states, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, and Alabama.

The mission of LGCY Power, according to their website, is to provide an extraordinary customer experience while becoming the best version of ourselves and helping others do the same. They achieve this by partnering with top solar panel manufacturers and companies like Hanwha, REC, and Solaria and offering various purchasing options such as a solar lease, PPA (power purchase agreement), loan, and cash.

Through its commitment to customer satisfaction and strong partnerships, the company has managed to maintain an overall good reputation in the solar industry. This is primarily thanks to the expertise of their NABCEP-certified team, who work with quality inverter companies like SolarEdge and Enphase, ensuring dependable solar installations.

As for warranties, homeowners can have peace of mind when installing solar, with a 10-year workmanship warranty and a 20-year equipment warranty offered by LGCY Power. This showcases their dedication to delivering reliable solar energy systems and their confidence in the quality of their products and services.

Products and Services

Residential Solar Solutions

In addition to using high-quality solar panels, LGCY Power also offers a variety of inverters from trusted brands like SolarEdge and Enphase. Inverters play a crucial role in a solar system by converting the direct current (DC) power generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) power used throughout the home. The inverters provided by LGCY Power are known for their efficiency and reliability.

Another critical aspect of LGCY Power’s residential solar solutions is the monitoring capabilities they provide. Homeowners can keep track of their solar system’s performance, energy production, and potential savings through a user-friendly monitoring platform. This allows customers to stay informed about the impact of their solar system on their energy consumption and make necessary adjustments to maximize efficiency.

By offering a comprehensive range of products and services related to residential solar, LGCY Power demonstrates a commitment to helping homeowners harness the power of clean energy and save money too. Their expert knowledge and reliable products make customers confident about transitioning to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy source.

Sales and Financing

Sales Process

LGCY Power is known for its customer reviews regarding the sales process. The solar company strives to have sales representatives communicate clearly and transparently throughout the process, ensuring customers are well-informed about their solar options. The sales team is dedicated to helping clients understand the benefits of various solar systems and guiding them in making the best choice for their needs and budget.

Financing Options

LGCY Power offers a variety of financing options for customers, catering to different situations and preferences. These options include leasing, power purchase agreements (PPAs), loans, and cash payments. Each financing option comes with its own set of advantages:

  • Leasing: This option allows customers to use solar panels without owning them, paying a monthly fee for the lease term. It typically requires no upfront payment, making it a more accessible option for those with limited budgets.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): A third party owns and maintains the solar system on the customer’s property in this arrangement. The customer then purchases the produced solar energy at a predetermined rate, often lower than traditional utility rates.
  • Loans: For clients who prefer to own their solar systems, loans are available as financing. Loans usually come with fixed interest rates and payment terms, allowing customers to spread the system’s cost over several years.
  • Cash: Paying cash for a solar system enables customers to become complete owners of their solar systems without any ongoing payments or interest.

In addition to these financing options, LGCY Power customers may be eligible for various rebates, tax credits, and incentives available for solar installations. Clients need to explore and understand these options to maximize the potential savings of their solar investment.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation Process

LGCY Power offers a streamlined solar installation process for homeowners looking to install solar panels on their property. The installation includes an initial consultation, during which homeowners can discuss their energy needs and preferences. LGCY Power then designs a custom solar system tailored to the homeowner’s requirements.

Once the design is approved, LGCY Power takes care of the necessary permits and approvals before starting the installation. The company’s NABCEP-certified installers ensure a professional and smooth process, minimizing disruptions to the homeowner1.

Maintenance and Repairs

Solar panels generally require low maintenance, but LGCY Power homeowners can benefit from their workmanship warranty of 10 years and equipment warranty of 20 years in case of any issue. This ensures that any necessary repairs or replacements are taken care of, providing peace of mind to the homeowner.

In addition to the warranties, LGCY Power offers after-sales support to its customers to address any concerns or queries related to their solar panels. Their technicians are also experienced in troubleshooting and resolving issues, ensuring the system runs efficiently.

To maximize the solar panels’ efficiency, homeowners are encouraged to perform basic maintenance tasks such as periodic cleaning of the panels and keeping an eye on the system’s overall performance. With proper care and maintenance, solar panels installed by LGCY Power can provide reliable and sustainable energy for years to come.

Quality Assurance and Guarantees

Warranty and Guarantees

LGCY Power strives to provide its customers with top-notch service and high-quality solar products. Their commitment to customer satisfaction can be seen through the guarantees they offer. LGCY Power ensures their solar panels’ full life, durability, and efficiency, which come with an extensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Additionally, they collaborate with reputable solar panel manufacturers to offer a comprehensive product warranty for their clients. This warranty ensures protection against defects in workmanship and performance for an extended period, providing peace of mind to their customers. Product warranties will vary depending on the solar panels installed on your roof.

Third-Party Verification

To maintain trust and transparency in its services, LGCY Power undergoes third-party verification processes to validate its products’ quality and performance standards. This external verification assures customers that they are investing in reliable solar solutions.

Furthermore, customer reviews can serve as another form of third-party verification. For instance, LGCY Power has received a 4.1 out of 5 rating for work-life and work-life balance, a 4.3 for culture and values, and a 4.1 for career opportunities based on Glassdoor reviews. These positive reviews help potential customers make informed decisions by considering genuine experiences and feedback from existing clients.

In conclusion, LGCY Power emphasizes quality assurance and guarantees through its warranty offerings and third-party verification. By doing so, they aim to deliver exceptional service and trustworthy solar solutions to their clients.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This section dives into the positive LGCY Power reviews and the complaints and issues raised by homeowners who have worked with the company.

Positive Reviews

Many LGCY Power customers have praised their experience with the company. Customers who have had a positive experience often mention the professionalism, knowledge, and clarity the sales team provides. Other homeowners have commended the company for delivering on the promised installation timeline and staying within the quoted price. The average rating for LGCY Power is 2.47 out of 5 stars, showcasing some satisfaction among these customers.

Complaints and Issues

On the other hand, some customers have encountered issues and challenges when working with LGCY Power. A notable concern raised in a BBB complaint was a delayed installation process installing solar, with the homeowner being left waiting months for the solar panel system to be installed. As a result, some customers have expressed frustration and dissatisfaction with the solar company’s communication, response time, and after-sales support.

Besides the BBB review and complaints, the company has received some negative feedback regarding the sales process and installation quality, with some customers feeling that they needed to be more adequately informed or prepared for the experience.

The customer feedback for LGCY Power is a mix of positive and negative reviews. The company has received praise for its significant experience, professionalism, and knowledge, but there have also been complaints regarding delays in the installation process and inadequate support.

Business Information

Location and Service Areas

LGCY Power is a solar energy contractor located at 3333 N Digital Dr, Ste 600, Lehi, UT 84043-6698. The company offers solar energy services and solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout various areas in the United States.

As of 2023, LGCY Power installs in the following 31 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Business Profiles

LGCY Power BBB profile, providing potential customers an insight into their services, reliability, and satisfaction. Moreover, their customer reviews, complaints, and solar panel costs can be found on SolarReviews.com, and employees’ perspectives on the work environment, pay, company culture, and senior leadership are available on Glassdoor.

Through these business profiles, people interested in LGCY Power’s solar energy solutions can better understand the company’s performance, reputation, and commitment to customer and employee satisfaction. With a focus on providing a positive experience for clients and employees, LGCY Power continues to work towards becoming the industry’s leading solar energy service provider.


LGCY Power’s website is currently shown as an unsecured website. It needs to be clarified why this technical issue is showing. It is wise to proceed with caution before navigating to their official website.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, LGCY Power uses door-to-door sales as its primary marketing strategy. The company recruits, trains, and develops eager sales personnel on how to pitch its products.

They equip their independent contractors with polos, hats, identification badge, lanyard, iPad, and their in-house canvassing app, Canvass, and then send reps to designated areas for long-term or short-term sales.

Their sales teams are typically most active during the spring and summer but show a steady pace of door-knocking throughout the year.

LGCY Power, LLC is involved in a class action lawsuit titled “Robert Green et al. v. LGCY Power, LLC et al.” in the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego.

The lawsuit alleges unlawful wage and hour practices and employment rights violations under the California Labor Code for individuals who provided services to LGCY Power in California between May 23, 2015, and August 5, 2022.

While LGCY Power denies the allegations, a settlement of $3,820,000 has been reached. The settlement is subject to court approval, and eligible class members may receive individual settlement payments.

For more information, visit the Settlement Administration website at https://www.LGCYSettlement.com or contact the Settlement Administrator at 1-866-602-6001 or LGCYsettlement@simpluris.com.

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