Freedom Forever Solar Review: Pros, Cons, Warranties & More

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Mixed customer reviews raise concerns about performance, installation quality, and customer service.

Freedom Forever Solar
Temecula, CA
Solar purchase, solar lease, solar PPA, solar loan, battery storage
*directly from Freedom Forever
  • CEO and Founder: Brett Bouchy
  • 1,083 active employees (July 2023)
  • Estimated annual revenue: $500M
  • Has a podcast titled Solar Disruption Theory
  • Produces it’s own 400W solar panel (Freedom Forever Solar Panel)
  • Ranked #4 in country among top residential solar contractors (2021)
  • Ranked #1,015 on Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies (2022)

Pros and Cons

Available in 28 statesMixed customer reviews
Fast installationConcerns about performance, installation quality, and customer service
Comprehensive warrantiesNot BBB accredited
Various financing optionsPattern of complaints raises concern
Network of installers

Freedom Forever Solar Overview

Freedom Forever is a solar energy company founded in 2011. Their mission is to “brighten the world with solar energy today, tomorrow, and forever.” Their overall focus is to make clean energy options more affordable while saving the environment and helping homeowners save money.

Like many other solar companies, Freedom Forever offers a variety of solar panels. They specifically cater to residential and, in some cases, perform commercial solar installations. They take care of the design, permits, and installation process from start to finish, making it ideal for homeowners who want to sit back and relax.

One thing that makes Freedom Forever stand out from other solar companies is its comprehensive warranties. They offer a 25-year guarantee on solar energy production and further guarantees on workmanship and equipment. This ensures that their customers can feel confident about the work being done and the longevity and reliability of their newly installed solar panels.

They currently offer solar installation services in 28 states across the U.S., making them one of the largest residential solar companies available. With their combination of warranties, solar panel options, and personalized service, Freedom Forever makes a solid case for earning any homeowner’s business.

Freedom Forever Solar Installation Process

Solar Panel Design

The Freedom Forever solar installation process begins with a custom solar panel design for your home. Their team of experts will assess your energy usage and needs and factors such as roof size, orientation, and shading. Based on this information, they designed a solar system that optimizes energy production and efficiency. The third-person point of view gives the reader confidence in the company’s knowledge on the subject.


After the solar panel design is finalized, the next step is obtaining the necessary permits for your solar installation. Freedom Forever takes care of this process on your behalf, submitting documents to local authorities and ensuring all the required permits and approvals are in place before the installation begins. This straightforward approach saves you time and effort, making the entire process more streamlined and efficient.


Once the permits are secured, Freedom Forever proceeds with the installation process. A professional installer will visit your home to install the solar panels according to the custom design. After the solar panel installation, the system goes through a thorough inspection to ensure everything functions correctly and adheres to local regulations and safety standards.

Overall, the Freedom Forever solar installation process is designed to be efficient, customer-focused, and transparent. By handling all aspects of the process, from design to inspection, they strive to make the transition to solar as painless and hassle-free as possible.

Service Areas

Actively Installing

As of June 2023, Freedom Forever is actively offering solar panel installation services in the following 28 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Coming soon: Michigan, Washington, Wyoming.

Financing Options and Cost

Solar Loans

Freedom Forever offers affordable solar financing options for homeowners who want to invest in solar panels without paying the total cost of installing panels upfront. Solar loans provide the flexibility of manageable monthly payments, allowing customers to pay off their solar systems over time. This financing option can help homeowners save on their monthly utility bills and use any available rebates.

Solar Leases

Another financing option that Freedom Forever provides to its customers is solar leases. This option allows homeowners to lease solar panels and related equipment for a fixed monthly payment. This enables them to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the hefty upfront investment. Solar leases are suitable for those who want to reduce their power bills without incurring the costs of purchasing and maintaining a solar system.

Cash Purchases

For customers who prefer a direct investment, Freedom Forever offers the option of cash purchases. Homeowners interested in this option will pay the total cost of their solar panel system upfront. Cash purchases may result in significant long-term savings since there will be no additional loan payments or lease costs. This financing option is ideal for those who want to maximize their savings and benefit from state or federal rebates.

Freedom Power (Power Purchase Agreement)

For homeowners who prefer not to purchase or lease solar panels, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offer an alternative solution. A homeowner who opts for a PPA allows a solar company, like Freedom Forever, to install and maintain the solar system on their property at no cost to the homeowner. The homeowner benefits from the solar power generated by the system, but they pay the solar company for the electricity generated at a predetermined rate. This financing option can help homeowners save on their monthly utility bills without any upfront cost or long-term commitment.

Customer Service and Experience

Sales Representative

Freedom Forever Solar’s sales representatives have been described to be both knowledgeable and friendly. They are committed to providing their customers excellent customer service and the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their transition to solar energy. Many customers have praised the sales reps for their patience and helpfulness in addressing questions and concerns, making the overall experience pleasant and professional. However, some customer reviews reported sales process issues and mixed experiences.

Installation Crew

The installation crew at Freedom Forever Solar is known for their professionalism and quality of work. They try to complete installations on schedule and, in many cases, work diligently to ensure that the solar panels and equipment are correctly installed. Although there have been a few installation delays and miscommunication incidents, most customers have had a positive experience with the crew. The EnergySage review mentioned a case where the installation crew returned to fix and reinstall all panels and wiring after noticing inefficiencies.

Service Representative

Regarding customer service representatives, Freedom Forever Solar aims to give excellent customer service and maintain a high standard of responsiveness and understanding. Their representatives are trained to address customers’ concerns after completing their installations. There have been instances where customers have reported exemplary after-sales support. However, some customers have needed help with customer service, particularly in billing and long-term contracts.

Regarding customer service and experience, Freedom Forever Solar is committed to maintaining a strong rapport with its clients. While there have been mixed reviews and occasional issues, the company’s professional sales reps, installation crew, and service representatives strive to provide a positive overall customer experience.

Performance Guarantee and Warranties

Freedom Forever Solar has a variety of guarantees and warranties designed to give customers peace of mind about their solar system’s performance and longevity. This section will discuss the company’s production guarantee, product warranties, and workmanship warranty.

Production Guarantee

Freedom Forever Solar provides a 25-year production guarantee for their solar power systems. This guarantee ensures that your solar system will continue to generate a certain amount of electricity, as specified in your agreement, for 25 years. If the system underperforms, Freedom Forever may compensate you for the lost power, ensuring your solar investment remains valuable.

Product Warranties

While the company does not offer specific product warranties, it guarantees that your system will continue working effectively and as advertised for 25 years. This guarantee covers critical components of the solar system, such as solar panels and inverters. Manufacturers of these components often provide their warranties, which can range from 10-25 years, depending on the product and manufacturer. It’s essential to review the documentation provided during the installation process to understand the individual warranties for each component.

Workmanship Warranty

In addition to the production guarantee and product warranties, Freedom Forever Solar also provides a workmanship warranty. This warranty covers the quality of the installation and ensures that the system is installed correctly and free from defects. The length of this warranty may vary depending on the specific terms provided during the installation process. It’s essential to review this warranty to understand the coverage and limitations, ensuring that you are protected in case of any issues arising from the installation process.

Overall, Freedom Forever Solar’s performance guarantees and warranties aim to assure customers that their solar power system will continue functioning at a high level for an extended period. These guarantees and warranties contribute to a reliable and secure solar power investment for homeowners.

Reviews and Ratings

Positive Reviews

Freedom Forever has received a mix of reviews from customers. Some customers are satisfied with their service and give them 5-star ratings. They commend the company’s sales process, reporting that the price is as quoted and the installation quality is up to par. These customers appreciate the after-sales support provided by Freedom Forever.

Negative Reviews

However, many customers have given 1-star reviews for Freedom Forever. They experienced issues with the on-schedule performance, installation quality, and after-sales support. The dissatisfaction of these customers creates significant concern about the reliability of the company’s services.

Better Business Bureau Rating

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Freedom Forever, LLC has had a pattern of complaints concerning customer service issues and allegations. Some of these concerns are related to the performance of the solar panels installed.

In fact, their overall rating is a 2 out of 5, and they are currently not accredited with the BBB.

Despite the company’s mixed reviews, Today’s Homeowner gives Freedom Forever an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Solar Panel Providers and Partners

Solar Panel Manufacturer

Freedom Forever collaborates with various solar panel manufacturers to provide customers with high-quality solar panel systems. Some renowned solar panel providers they partner with include TrinaPanasonic, and L.G.

These manufacturers offer efficient and reliable solar panels to maximize energy output and withstand harsh weather conditions. By partnering with industry-leading companies, Freedom Forever ensures its customers receive the best solar panels to meet their energy requirements.

Inverter Provider

As an essential part of the solar panel system, inverters convert the direct current (D.C.) electricity produced by solar panels into alternating current (A.C.). Freedom Forever works with SolarEdge as their primary inverter provider, ensuring high-efficiency conversion and seamless integration with the rest of the solar panel system. SolarEdge is known for its reliable and long-lasting inverters, which help avoid potential disruptions in electricity generation and minimize maintenance costs.

Battery Installation Partners

To offer customers the option of storing the energy generated by their solar panel systems, Freedom Forever partners with battery installation providers such as Tesla and Sunrun. These companies specialize in solar battery installations that optimally store excess energy, enabling customers to use that power during periods of low sunlight or power outages.

Battery installation partners can also help clients size their solar panel systems according to their unique energy needs, ensuring that customers receive the most efficient and cost-effective solar solutions. By partnering with industry experts in solar batteries, Freedom Forever guarantees reliable energy storage options for their clients.

This information demonstrates Freedom Forever’s commitment to providing high-quality solar panel installations by collaborating with leading solar panel manufacturers, inverter providers, and battery installation partners. Their industry partnerships enable them to offer their customers efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solar energy solutions.

Comparison with Competitors

Comparing Costs

When comparing the costs of Freedom Forever Solar with its competitors, it is essential to consider various factors such as solar panel prices, installation costs, and financing options.

  • Solar Panel Prices: The cost of solar panels can vary greatly depending on the brand, efficiency, and quality of the panels. It is essential to compare the price per watt of panels different companies offer to determine the best value.
  • Installation Costs: While some companies may provide lower solar panel prices, their installation costs could be higher, resulting in an overall higher cost for the solar energy system. Getting quotes from different installers and comparing their cost breakdowns is crucial to make the best decision.
  • Financing Options: Freedom Forever Solar and some competitors offer various financing options, including solar leases, solar loans, and power purchase agreements (PPAs). Comparing these options’ terms and interest rates can significantly impact energy savings.

Comparing Services

In addition to comparing costs, it is essential to consider the services Freedom Forever Solar provides and its competitors. Some evaluation factors include the design and installation, project management, and initial customer service and support.

  • Design and Installation Process: Freedom Forever Solar is known for its quick installations. However, comparing the workmanship quality and customization level provided in the design and installation process is essential.
  • Project Management: A well-managed solar installation project can save time and minimize headaches. Compare how companies manage permitting, scheduling, and communication to ensure a smooth installation experience.
  • Customer Support: Companies’ responsiveness and after-sales support can significantly impact customer satisfaction. Comparing the feedback and reviews of Freedom Forever Solar and its competitors can provide insights into their level of customer support.


Warranties are a crucial aspect of a solar energy system, providing peace of mind and protection for your investment. There are several types of warranties to consider when comparing Freedom Forever Solar and its competitors.

  • Product Warranty: This covers defects in the solar panels and inverters. Compare the duration and coverage terms of the product warranties offered by various companies.
  • Performance Warranty: This guarantees a specific energy production over time, typically as a percentage output. Freedom Forever Solar offers a strong production guarantee, which can be compared to competitors’ offers.
  • Workmanship Warranty: This covers the quality of the installation work, ensuring that any issues resulting from poor workmanship are covered. Compare the workmanship warranties provided by different companies to assess their level of commitment to the quality of their installation services.

Industry Certifications and Standards

NABCEP Certification

Freedom Forever Solar is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), which ensures high-quality solar installations. The NABCEP certification is a widely recognized and respected industry standard for solar professionals. It demonstrates that a company’s employees have the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise to design, install, and maintain solar systems.

Other Industry Recognitions

In addition to its NABCEP certification, Freedom Forever Solar holds various licenses in each state it operates in. These licenses range from electrical contractor to general contractor licenses, depending on the specific state and regulations. These licenses reinforce the company’s commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards and providing exceptional customer service.

Should You Go With Freedom Forever?

Ultimately, their reputation has helped them gain customers all across the United States. They’ve got record-breaking installation times, a reputation for reliability, and a presence that no one can deny.

However, it’s important to note that the Better Business Bureau has a ton of complaints from its customers. Most involve concerns surrounding their solar panel performance, terrible customer service, and after-sales sales tech support. The consumer advocacy company has issued a red alert for this solar installer.

Overall, it will come down to what each homeowner looks for and the value of a solar company. Service costs, financing options, and customer reviews all play a part in making an informed decision. As the solar industry evolves, homeowners must choose a solar company that aligns with their needs, budget, and expectations.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, as of 2021, Freedom Forever Solar is affiliated with Sunrun. The companies announced a strengthened partnership, with Sunrun serving as the primary solar + battery as-a-service provider for Freedom Forever for the next three years.

This collaboration allows Freedom Forever to leverage Sunrun’s industry-leading home solar and battery service offering, expanding its reach and providing affordable and reliable energy solutions to more American households.

To terminate your Freedom Forever contract, you can consider options such as transferring it to a new homeowner, purchasing the system, exploring a buyout option, or consulting with an attorney for guidance.

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