Apricot Solar Review: Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

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Residential solar sales company. Freedom Forever fulfills installs, agreements, and warranties.

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Lincoln, CA
PPA, purchase, lease, battery storage
*directly from Apricot Solar
  • CEO and Founder: Dave Bengel
  • 360 sales reps (2021)
  • Over 15,000 installs since 2017
  • Available in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Utah, and Illinois
  • Installs, agreements, warranties fulfilled by Freedom Forever
  • 2021 annual sales reached $215M

Pros and Cons

25 year equipment warrantyMixed customer reviews
10 year workmanship warrantyConcerns about pricing and maintenance support
Freedom Forever dealerNot BBB accredited
Financing options availableUnclear service areas
Offers battery storageNot vertically integrated solar company

Company Overview

Apricot Solar is a California-based solar company specializing in solar design and installation services. It operates from its hub in Lincoln, California, and serves clients throughout the United States. Despite its small size, the company has significantly impacted the solar industry.

The company was founded in 2020 with a mission to provide high-quality solar solutions to residential clients. Being a NABCEP Certified company, it uses top-notch equipment, including panels from SolarEdge, LG, and Panasonic and inverters from SolarEdge, LG, and Panasonic.

The solar company is also known for its solid commitment to customer satisfaction. The firm offers a 10-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year equipment warranty to ensure peace of mind for its clients. In addition, Apricot Solar provides various financing options, including PPA and loans, to make solar installations more accessible to homeowners.

The company culture at Apricot Solar reflects its dedication to excellence and innovation. With a diverse team comprising industry experts and enthusiasts, Apricot Solar fosters a collaborative and supportive environment that values its employees’ professional growth and development. The company has received cheerful customer and employee reviews, highlighting its commitment to work-life balance, fair compensation, and strong management support.

Apricot Solar is a reputable player in the solar industry, offering top-quality solar solutions and an excellent company culture. With a proven track record and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Apricot Solar is poised to continue making waves in the market and solidify its position as a leading solar company in the United States.

Products and Services

Solar Panels

The company offers a variety of high-quality solar panels for residential customers. They provide panels from reputable manufacturers such as SolarEdgeLG, and Panasonic, ensuring homeowners receive reliable and efficient energy solutions. Installation services are performed by trained and experienced professionals, ensuring that the systems are correctly set up for optimal performance.

Off-Grid Systems

They also offer off-grid solar energy systems for homeowners seeking independence from the grid. These systems are designed to provide a reliable source of electricity without the need for a connection to traditional utility grids. Off-grid systems can be an excellent option for those living in remote locations or for homeowners seeking to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.


In addition to solar panels and off-grid systems, Apricot Solar provides energy storage solutions through its high-quality solar batteries. These batteries allow homeowners to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use during periods of low sunlight or at night. They offer various battery options, including the popular Tesla Powerwall, providing customers with flexible storage solutions that meet their specific energy needs. The company also offers maintenance and support services for its battery installations to ensure customers’ energy storage systems operate effectively over time. They aim to provide homeowners with comprehensive products and services catering to their renewable energy needs.

Financing options are also available for customers looking to invest in solar energy systems. This ensures that homeowners can access the benefits of solar energy while spreading the cost over time. Apricot Solar is committed to delivering reliable renewable energy solutions with clear pricing and transparent processes.

Reviews and Ratings

On one hand, some customers have had excellent experiences, praising the company’s professionalism and dedication. According to these reviews, the company’s staff is led by knowledgeable individuals who provide high-quality solar installation services.

However, some customers have rated Apricot Solar lower on various review platforms. According to EnergySage, the company has an average rating of 2.5 stars based on five reviews. The main areas of concern are response time, quality, value, and service, which have all received a 2.5-star rating.

Other reviews on Yelp reflect a more positive view, with several customers stating that they know people who have used Apricot Solar and have been more than happy with the results. These reviews speak highly of the company’s solar installation services and customer care.

Installation Process

The company has a streamlined installation process that ensures a smooth experience for customers. The first step in their approach is an initial consultation, where the installer gathers information about the customer’s energy needs and expectations. This includes evaluating the home’s location, roof type, and current electricity usage.

Once the consultation is complete, Apricot Solar’s team of experts designs a custom solar system tailored to the customer’s needs. The design process considers factors like the angle and direction of the roof, shading from surrounding objects, and the desired system size. This ensures the solar panels are optimally placed and sized to maximize energy production.

After the solar system design is finalized, the Apricot Solar team handles all necessary permits and paperwork. They coordinate with local authorities and utility companies to ensure the system complies with all local regulations and requirements. This attention to detail helps to prevent any potential complications or delays in the installation process.

The actual installation process typically takes between one and three days, depending on the complexity of the solar system being installed. Apricot Solar’s experienced installation team works efficiently and safely as they mount the solar panels, install the inverter, and connect the system to the home’s electrical grid. They also set up a monitoring system, which allows the customer to track their solar energy production and usage in real time.

Once the installation is complete, the system is tested to ensure it functions properly. It generates the expected amount of solar energy. They also provide the customer with any necessary training on system operation and maintenance. With a confident, knowledgeable, and straightforward approach, Apricot Solar ensures its customers have a smooth, efficient installation experience as they transition to renewable energy.

Customer Service

Apricot Solar aims to deliver high-quality solar installations and customer service to homeowners. However, some customers have reviewed their experiences with the company, highlighting varying levels of satisfaction.

A few clients have reported horrible experiences with Apricot Solar, stating that the company’s prices are valueless and inconsistent. Additionally, these clients feel the company could offer better value due to unprofessional services and low-quality solar systems.

On the other hand, some customers on Yelp have expressed their satisfaction with Apricot Solar. They mentioned that they know individuals who used the company’s services and were more than happy with the results.

Regarding the company’s referral program, Apricot Solar still needs to fulfill its promise of offering referral funds to its clients, as mentioned by some customer reviews.

Despite these negative experiences, the company has received a 3.7-star rating on Trustpilot, with a customer praising Apricot Solar for their educational approach and lack of pressure when engaging with homeowners about solar.

Overall, customer service experiences at Apricot Solar are mixed, with some customers having satisfactory experiences while others encounter significant concerns.

Employment and Training

Employees’ Experiences

Both current and former employees have shared their work experiences. Many of them mention a positive environment with great people around. At the same time, some have highlighted challenges in the areas of sales, compensation, and management. As with any company, the daily difficulties various employees face may vary.

Training and Development

According to some reviews, Apricot Solar offers a supportive and motivating atmosphere for career growth. However, other reviews suggest room for improvement in training and support, especially for those who generate their own leads.

Apricot Solar’s compensation structure may only suit some, as it often relies on commission-based earnings. Their earning potential can vary depending on the employees’ ability to generate leads and convert sales. Employee opinions on compensation and benefits significantly differ based on their personal experiences and roles within the company.

Apricot Solar has pros and cons like any other solar company. Employee experiences differ in their satisfaction with training programs and compensation. While some employees feel supported and motivated, others suggest improvements within the company.

Partnerships and Collaborations

One of their strategic partnerships is with Freedom Forever, a leading solar installation company. The partnership aims at providing its customers with the best solar panel installation services and customer support available.

Regarding components, Apricot Solar has chosen to work with some of the industry’s most reputable companies. Apricot Solar can assure customers they receive a reliable energy solution by utilizing LG solar panels among many other tier 1 solar brands.

Another important partnership is with SolarEdge, a leading solar energy optimization and monitoring device manufacturer. This collaboration helps Apricot Solar provide their customers with state-of-the-art technology for their solar systems, thereby maximizing their energy output and accessibility.

Understanding that family and communication is essential to any successful business, the company fosters a family-like environment among its employees and partners. This approach has successfully maintained solid connections and a positive company culture.

Furthermore, they have adapted to the rise of remote communication channels by engaging their customers and employees via Zoom, allowing for convenient, timely, and efficient communication. This has enabled the company to provide reliable customer support and seamless project coordination, despite the challenges of the current global environment.

Financing and Warranties

Various purchasing options cater to the financial needs of its customers, such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and loans. This flexibility enables more homeowners to invest in solar panels within their budget.

The company takes pride in the quality of its products and services, and they back this with an equipment warranty lasting 25 years, which is standard in the industry. This warranty covers solar panels from SolarEdge, LG, and Panasonic manufacturers.

In addition to the equipment warranty, they provide a 10-year workmanship warranty to ensure that their customers receive professional installation and support every step of the way.

They also go above and beyond with their performance guarantee for their systems. Suppose the solar system fails to meet the agreed-upon production targets. In that case, they reimburse the customer and address the problem by fixing it or adding more panels if needed. With this guarantee, customers can have confidence in their solar investment.

Finally, Apricot Solar offers a referral program where customers can save even more money by sharing the benefits of solar energy with other homeowners. This program signifies the company’s commitment to client satisfaction and community-building through renewable energy.

Market Presence

Apricot Solar has been trying to establish itself in the residential solar industry. Focusing on several regions, the solar company has made efforts to offer customized PV installations for homeowners. Customers can find their services in various states, including Arizona and Texas, where the solar market is booming.

Although the solar company claims to provide adequate solar power solutions, they have received mixed customer reviews. Some have praised its professional team and smooth installation process. In contrast, others have raised concerns about the company’s legitimacy, unclear pricing, and insufficient maintenance support. With an average rating of 2.5, Apricot Solar faces challenges competing against more established solar companies.

In an industry where reputation plays a significant role, they must address these issues for a more substantial market presence. The solar company can leverage favorable solar policies and the growing popularity of clean energy in states like Arizona and Texas to expand its reach and enhance its credibility.

Apricot Solar must maintain a consistent and transparent pricing system, provide high-quality maintenance services, and invest in excellent customer support for potential homeowners considering investing in solar energy solutions.

Industry Impact

As a California-based solar company, they have positioned themselves strategically in one of the largest markets for renewable energy.

They’re not only focused on residential solar installations but are also interested in off-grid systems that help reduce dependency on traditional energy sources. By offering innovative solar solutions, they are assisting homeowners and businesses in harnessing renewable energy effectively.

The company works with leading brands like SolarEdge, LG, and Panasonic for their solar panels and inverters, ensuring high-quality products for their clients. This, in turn, contributes to increasing the reliability and efficiency of solar installations across the board.

Their team of experts also acts as solar advisors – they work closely with their customers to create customized solutions that suit their specific energy goals. This consultative approach results in robust solar systems that maximize energy generation and minimize environmental impact.

Regarding industry leadership, Apricot Solar has received several positive reviews describing its service as exemplary. They offer a 10-year workmanship warranty, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners who invest in their services. Additionally, their equipment warranty lasts up to 25 years, which is standard for the solar industry.

Their commitment to client satisfaction is demonstrated by their willingness to offer various purchasing options, such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and loans. This flexibility makes solar energy more accessible to more people, allowing them to take control of their energy needs.

In conclusion, Apricot Solar’s impact on the solar and renewable energy industry can be seen in its reputable solar solutions, commitment to customer satisfaction, and adherence to industry-leading standards. As they continue to grow and solidify their presence in the industry, the potential for creating a cleaner, greener future looks promising.

Frequently asked questions

While Apricot Solar and Powur Solar are well-regarded companies in the solar industry, they have some key differences. Apricot Solar is smaller and operates primarily from its hub in Lincoln.

Powur, on the other hand, is a larger company with a more extensive nationwide presence. The location, company size, and services should be considered when comparing the two solar providers.


While individual experiences may vary, many employees at Apricot Solar have reported positive experiences working at the company. According to customer reviews, their staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

However, a website claims that Apricot Solar has yet to deliver on its promises. There are various complaints and claims that they may be a multi-level marketing company disguised as a solar company.

This has rubbed former contractors the wrong way, as claims of override structures and additional commission padding have cut the money homeowners could save.

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