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At WattHive, we’re more than just energy enthusiasts – we’re buzzing with a mission to empower homeowners with solar wisdom and spark a brighter, greener future. Join us as we light the way to sustainable living with expertise, passion, and plenty of power!

Our Story

We started out knocking on doors, trying to sell solar panels. We met all kinds of homeowners – some were grumpy, some were interested, and some were really mad.

They’d often ask, “What’s this solar thing?” But you know what? Even the ones who didn’t want to listen ended up getting solar eventually, just not from us.

Then it hit us: homeowners don’t hate solar, they just don’t like being pressured into buying it. In today’s fast world, nobody wants to sit through long sales talks. That’s why we made WattHive.

WattHive makes it easy to get solar bids without the long meetings. We explain all the important stuff about solar, like warranties and how long the panels last. Then, we help you compare bids from different companies.

Our estimates are pretty close to the real thing, but for the most accurate bid, we need to know your yearly electricity use. When you’re ready, just ask for three bids, and you can compare them whenever you want.

Going solar shouldn’t be a big hassle – it should be simple. That’s what we’re all about. We connect you with the best solar companies in your area in just a few clicks. Fast, easy, and saving you money – that’s WattHive.

Thank you for your trust

Our number one priority at WattHive is trust. That’s why we craft every word with you in mind. And while we don’t feature every solar company or product out there, we make sure that the information that matters most to you is absolutely free.

So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us for referrals (at no additional cost to you) should you decide to go with one through one of our referral links. However, in no way do we accept payments from any solar service or company to influence ratings, reviews, and recommendations, ensuring you get 100% unbiased information you can trust. Here’s a list of our partners.